Jessica Cho


Jessica Cho, Malaysian composer, pianist and music lecturer, born in 1987, Kuala Lumpur. Jessica received her Bachelor of Music degree at the Middlesex University, London, majoring in piano performance and her Masters of Music at University of Sheffield, United Kingdom as a research student on composition and modern repertoire for piano. Her works were premiered and performed in countries includes United Kingdom, Vienna, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. 

In 2010, Jessica was invited to participate in the MPOForumplus 2011 and her orchestra work for a scene from a Malaysian Film was premiered on 9th July 2011 by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Kevin Field. Jessica was also featured in a few online magazines in Malaysia ie. and In November 2011, Jessica was awarded Third Prize Winner in the ACL Young Composer Competition, in Taiwan with her solo piano piece “Five Little Pieces for Piano”. Upon the success, she was interviewed and featured in a numbers of local magazines including – Top 10 of Malaysia, Top 10 of Asia, Convergence Experience “The World @ Malaysia Airports”, and ELLE magazine Malaysia.

“Nimble-fingered composer Jessica Cho combines passionate piano-playing ability with an imaginative mind for composition, penning short, exciting burst of music such as Five Little Pieces for Piano and Landscape. Here works are a combination of gently flowing melodies punctuated by sharp jolts to keys and to the listeners sense…” – Convergence Experience -The World @ Malaysia Airports

“Cho is a dynamo on the piano. Sounds crash out with the intensity of her playing, the music discordant, tense and mysterious, her whole being focused on her instrument.” – ELLE Magazine Malaysia – The Music Issue (May 2015)